We are Gabrielle Johnson and Charles Williams and we are the parents of Narrun Williams. On behalf of Narrun Williams, we would love the opportunity to present to you, what started out as a passion project but has become a whole lot more an opportunity.

As some of you would know being a parent can be both the most difficult and happiest times of your life and multiple children can make it all that more magnified. As parents we want to and try to be as supportive and passionate towards all of our children within their interests and to raise them as proud, smart, happy and strong Koori kids to become adults. Not all children share the same passions and ours do not either, but we will do all that we can to support them in as much as possible.

It's because of this that as parents we have have taken many different directions and journeys and none more so with our middle child Narrun who you all would know. Narrun, or Nuzz, is our families centre piece and rock of the family. Not an extrovert like his siblings on either side, but a strong presence in our family dynamic and a big part of our happiness. Although he seems to glide through unfazed by many challenges in life, as parents we are always proud and draw strength from Nuzz in how he manages the challenges and still has the mindfulness and open heart for all that we are so touched by.

Narrun's journey hasn't been easy, and early in his life we were made aware of his diagnosis being on the spectrum. As parents we have learnt so much from Nuzz about ourselves and about what it takes to raise our children and to be a family. That not one size fits all and that we must always be on the lookout for the passions in all of our children and invest in them to our fullest, even when we don't quite understand it ourselves, but being the parents of a child who sees the world differently is a blessing and something we have grown so much from. Every decision you make as a family is counted by the fact that all of your children will flourish and succeed.