Business can be the most exciting thing to create, nurture, develop and grow.  It's made up of a roller coaster of emotions and countless hours thinking and dreaming of ways to build the brand and share your passion.

Some hours can be daunting and challenging, however it's only ever possible to see and achieve the upsides of business ownership when you have some solid supporters behind you. They can share in your challenges and guide you on how best to achieve and find the light at the end of those tunnels.  

For the BIG NUZZ label, we are proud and lucky that our biggest supporters and mentors are also our family and successful business Kooriprenuer's.  Aunty Laura you have always been a believer and the measuring stick by which BIG NUZZ envisages success.

Business is made up by all the small wins....."Your first sale", "Your first website or Social Media pages", "Your first inspiration" and "Your first pieces of advice"

Aunty Laura you and your family have been involved in all of these BIG NUZZ BIG winZZ.  You and your family have shared in our spirit, driven us to believe in ourselves and pushed us out of our comfort zones but with confidence. BIG NUZZ has always admired your passion, energy and multiple businesses like The Koori Circle, Clothing the Gap and everything else.  You and your family are inspirational and the BIG NUZZ fam wanted to say a very big thank you.

So on behalf of the BIG NUZZ label and the BIG NUZZ O.G's worldwide, we say thank you to Aunty Laura