BIG NUZZ blog 2020

Happy 1st Birthday

Hey Fam welcome to 2020, and what a first 12 months in biZZneZZ it’s been for the BIG NUZZ label.

We know that 2020 has thrown out its challenges, but for the label and the O.G’s worldwide, it brings with it a sense of pride, celebration and excitement for the remainder of the year. We know life is hard at the moment…..the struggle is real…but as BIG NUZZ would always say

“BeBrave | StandStrong”

Being in biZZneZZ is exciting and full of storieZZ.  We’ve had plenty fun and made so many new friends and connectionZZ that have kept the BIG NUZZ message strong! We’ve shown that we can make it and be proud of our story and our family.


  • We’ve made more than $10,000 in sales in 12 months
  • We’ve had more than 50 individual sales
  • We’ve supplied BIG NUZZ merch to mob from communities as far away as Bourke, Port Macquarie, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and of course Echuca.
  • We’ve fitted out sporting teams with BIG NUZZ sockZZ
  • WE’ve supplied BIG NUZZ teeZZ to Christmas parties
  • We’ve hosted out Koori KidZZ in BiZZneZZ runway as part of Indigenous Business Month
  • We’ve worked with large corporates and even presented to Entrepreneurs Workshops and delivered keynote speeches
  • We’ve posted and shared our mobs stories on our socials and introduced AfterPay to our payments


We’re very proud of our work and our first Birthday in biZZneZZ and so should our Fam!

We want to thank you all and hope that you continue to follow and support our brand.